Interested in advertising here or sponsoring Blokkos?
Are you interested in advertising here or sponsoring Blokkos?

That's an excellent decision! Blokkos is a fun puzzle game that's becoming increasingly popular, having been mentioned in sites such as Der Spiegel, Free Games News and Gamershood, among others. You can also get your share of this popularity!

Advertising: there is space available for a 468x60 banner in the header section. This is a premium location and will ensure that everybody sees your ad!
Sponsoring: sponsoring Blokkos means having your company's ad in the game! This can, for example, take the shape of a splash screen with your logo and URL displayed between our splash and the title screen. Everybody who plays the game will see your advertisement!
Licensing: so, you like Blokkos so much that you want it? We can help on that too! You can license a version of Blokkos for your own site or for distribution purposes (with a magazine, for example). And it can be customized with advertisements for your company or even entirely new graphics!

If you're interested in any of these opportunities or have some other idea, send us an e-mail!
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